The Birth of GenAI Busyness

Chris J Terrell
2 min readJan 26, 2024

Please don’t get me wrong; LLMs, ChatGPT, and the like are making my life easier. I need help with writing copy that has a marketing ring. I have used ChatGPT for everything from making the image in this blog, my annual eval, release notes, and writing emails. It is beneficial for me. However, I wonder if enterprises get the same benefit or if everyone runs faster in different directions. The challenge isn’t if it is helpful for the individual divisions, departments, and teams because it is. The challenge isn’t the speed of change but the alignment of the teams.

Never before has a clear strategy been more important. The more I talk to professionals, the more I realize that most companies play a “Strategy of the Quarter” game. After all the accounting shenanigans, the accounting team’s financial predictions drive the Quarter’s strategy. Then, the spreadsheet tells everyone the appropriate “strategy,” and the so-called “strategy” is delegated to the departments and teams.

What does this lead to? BUSYNESS instead of business. Forecasting instead of problem-solving. Financial goals over customer value. More polished PowerPoints and less satisfied customers. For all of the promises of GenAI, it will take the humans in the room to articulate a specific problem with a plan of attack and the corresponding action. Look out for the companies that are genuinely strategically aligned and engaged with GenAI. They will run fast in the same direction.

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