Not all that is Shiny is Adoptable

Chris J Terrell
2 min readJan 19, 2024

I ran across an application template from a piece of software that will remain unnamed to protect the innocent. The template was pretty good, with one major flaw: it displayed the CRM’s bells and whistles. However, the software completely missed the point that real people would use it. They would use the software based on their company’s process and the technical acumen of the users. In my experience, these same real salespeople have the technical savvy of a gnat.

When it comes to most software training videos, they focus solely on the fanciness of the tool and how shiny it is. These fully functional templates or applications have a workflow that works for the creator but misses the point for the other 90% of clients.

Here is the underlying problem: a functional template won’t sell (or be downloaded or whatever) because it isn’t flashy and sexy. On the other hand, people never use most purchased or downloaded templates because they are too advanced or have an utterly foreign workflow. In other words, they are fully built for one user and won’t work for the masses.

Before you buy a piece of software or purchase a templated workflow, consider what will be adopted and start there. Getting adoption is more challenging than you think.

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